NBA Bulls T-shirt Size L

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Measurements :

21 inches
27.5 inches
7.5 inches

Due to the nature of vintage clothing, the size shown in the title can’t be assumed as the actual size of the item.

Please refer to the measurements provided above to ensure the best possible fit.


Condition of the item : Good

Refer to the pictures above as we will highlight every flaws present on each item.

Condition Legend :

Excellent - Free of marks, stains, holes, or loose stitching.

Great - Minor cracking or pilling; items may have minor marks or stains (free of fraying, loose stitching, and holes/rips).

Good - May have minor marks/stains, minor yellowing, small holes, loose stitching, or fraying.

Distressed - May have marks & stains, rips, tears, and/or yellowing.

Please note that most of our items were produced in the 1990s and some of them may show signs of "vintage wear" such as fading prints or loosend up embroideries.