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Frequently Asked Questions

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About our products

Are your clothes second-hand?

Indeed, LE NINETY is a boutique specializing in 90's clothing.

Our supply team will find, wash, repair and make available to you one of the most complete vintage curations in Montreal.

Where do your items come from?

Our sourcing teams are in charge of finding the best items to add to our curation.

Every week, our sourcing teams go to sorting warehouses and look for the best items before a majority of these garments are sent to other continents, where a good proportion of them end up in the landfill.

Of course, not all of our items come from these warehouses: our top-of-the-line collection comes mainly from other collectors. Write to us if you have such items!

LE NINETY advocates ethical and eco-friendly consumption and sourcing. We source most of our items from sorting warehouses, not from local thrift stores or stores like the Salvation Army.

Learn more about our vision by clicking here.

How do you choose your products?

All of our pieces are selected with the utmost care.

Our sourcing team are experts in the field and can determine at a glance whether an item is vintage or not. Since we are primarily interested in 90's clothing, our experts look at the seams, zippers, graphics, materials, labels and country of manufacture to determine the date of manufacture of the item.

Also, since we offer vintage curation, we choose our items according to the standards and style of our store.

Do you wash your clothes?

Absolutely. All items sold by LE NINETY are washed and repaired (when possible).

Some items are air-dried, and others are machine-dried, depending on the particularities of the products.

How do you know if an item is vintage?

There are several indicators to know if a garment is vintage . Our team is well informed in this field and analyzes each piece before buying it, or putting it on sale.

The term vintage designates a current highlighting items dating from more than 20 years ago . This concept evolves over time, and varies between generations.

However, there are several indicators that can be used to determine whether an item is vintage :

" Single-Stitch ": Single-stitching is one of the most glaring indicators that a garment was produced in the 90s, but only applies primarily to T-Shirts. Generally, singularly seam garments imply that the item was produced before the 2000s.

The label: The product label gives a lot of information about the date. If still present, it informs of the country of manufacture, which is also a great indicator. Sometimes some 90s clothes don't have tags because a lot of them were handmade.

"Blend" : The way in which the threads have been assembled into a piece of clothing; impacts texture, thickness, durability, etc.

"Fade": The fading effect of the color of an item having been washed many times or exposed to the sun.

Other techniques exist to identify the dates of manufacture of 90s clothing, and LE NINETY is committed to exploring these techniques further on its website in the future, via its Encyclopedia of the 90's



How do you determine the prices?

As a general rule, prices of garments vary according to several factors such as: rarity, quality, year of production, production pattern or special character of the item. For the higher grades in our collection, we also take into account the resale prices on online platforms such as eBay and Grailed.

LE NINETY has developed a grading system in order to be more transparent and explanatory in the way we assign prices. You will find the grade of the product on its web page or on the label in store.

X: Lowest grade, reserved for common and non-vintage clothing.

A: Medium and intermediate grade item, reserved for common vintage items. Represents the majority of items sold by local vintage businesses.

AA: Higher grade for slightly harder to find quality items, usually from the 90's or early 2000's. Most of the NINETY curation is in this grade.

AAA: Top grade reserved for rare collectible items. In vintage language, AAA grades correspond to "Grails".

S: Maximum grade for unique and very rare collectibles. In vintage language, S grades correspond to "Holy Grails".


How does the condition of a product affect its price?

In pricing our items, we give a base price to each piece, and we lower the price for each defect found on the item. If the item's defect is not taken into consideration, we discount the item at checkout.

Refer to how we determine prices (the question at the top) to find our grade scale!

How do your product sizes work?

Our products are almost all unique, so it is impossible to have universal sizes.

However, we measure each one and enter the information on the product page.

About our store

Where are you located?

Our boutique is located at 4361 Saint-Denis Street, Montreal (Quebec). Our online orders are processed from our Montreal store.

How long have you been open?

Our shop has been open since June 30, 2022 .

However, we have been in business since 2019, formerly under the name Ven Vintage. Learn more about our story here !

Is it possible to pick up an item from the site at the store?

Yes, our website offers you the possibility of delivering your item or picking it up in store.

Deliveries, returns and exchanges

What are your delivery options?

We offer delivery via Canada Post. It is also possible for you to pick up your items in store.

What are your delivery times?

Delivery times, depending on the country of destination, take approximately 4 days. We use Canada Post.

Read our full delivery policy here .

What are your processing times?

Processing time is approximately two (2) business days. However, we reserve a maximum of seven (7) days to process orders.

Read our full delivery policy here .

Can I cancel an order?

Yes, you can cancel an order before it is processed. To cancel an order, go to the confirmation email or your customer interface.

If your order has already been processed, this means that we no longer have your items in our possession and we cannot cancel the delivery. You must therefore wait to receive your items and proceed with a return or an exchange.

Read our full delivery policy here .

Do you provide a tracking number?

Yes, following the processing of your order, you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number for your package.

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