Lancement du LKBK

Launch of our LKBK

LE NINETY is more than just a store.

LE NINETY is a major project supported by people who have stars in their eyes. It is the dream of a few young people in their twenties which materializes around a common desire to bring people together around a common mission, in a welcoming and warm place.

LE NINETY was born out of a thirst for authenticity. Each new piece on the floor is researched, studied and classified by grade according to its country and year of manufacture, rarity and cultural significance. Each artist with whom we collaborate or welcome is someone in whom we see the artistic, conceptual and personal value. Unfortunately, it is often difficult as an enthusiast and observer of the scene to feel this honesty.

No compromise is made.

The newspaper you hold in your hands is tangible and indubitable proof of this.

Whether it's out of love for the stories behind each piece of clothing, the fundamental need to collaborate, create, bring to life, or out of a simple desire to push members of our generation to change their consumption habits, this project means a lot to us. .

If you have already visited our store or if you read these lines at 4361, rue Saint-Denis, you will immediately understand what we are insinuating. Look around you, this simple room converted into a multidisciplinary space that can accommodate any event, any artistic exhibition, any other project in which we believe.

Every month, we will publish a new edition of this lookbook to present the items of our collection, according to the seasons. Each lookbook will be accompanied by an essay by one of our collaborators.

See you very soon,

Cédric Comte, Marketing Director of NINETY

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