Audrey-Ève Goulet | Chapitre 1

Audrey-Ève Goulet | Chapter 1

Audrey-Ève Goulet is an early collaborator and a good friend of the NINETY team. A painter since 2020, Audrey-Ève was looking to organize her first solo exhibition. Over a period of two days, Chapter 1 was exhibited at NINETY.


« Audrey-Ève is an artist based in Montreal. She is inspired by everything around her and loves to experiment using different textures and mediums. Growing up, her interest in art in all its forms became a passion when she learned to play music and express herself through it. Later, she began painting, graphic design and photography, which allowed her to get in touch with her creative side and let her imagination run wild.

This artist uses art as a communication tool that allows her to travel between the imaginary world and reality. It allows her to free her creativity, explore her inner voice and freely communicate her unique perception of reality. » 



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